Advanced Card Counting Strategies
22 November, 2019

Advanced Card Counting Strategies

For every combination of a player hand and exposed dealer card, there is one play that has the highest mathematical expectation. A Basic Strategy player memorizes all of these plays and follows them without exception. This reduces the house advantage to less than 1% in all but the very worst games. House advantages of a mere 0.2% to 0.5% with basic strategy are quite common. There are even a few games with rules so favourable that Basic Strategy alone is enough to give the player a small edge over the house. Here in this article, we discuss the best-advanced card counting strategies.

Dollar-Weighted Strategy

This is an extension of Basic Strategy theory that considers the fact that more money will be bet by card counters when more small cards (2–7) than big cards (10, Ace) have been dealt. This changes the weighted average composition of the deck and results in several significant changes to the standard basic strategy.

Count-Based Strategy

This method requires the player to first learn the Basic Strategy or dollar-weighted strategy and then memorize a series of index numbers that indicate the minimum count to make a certain play.Systems of this type can have as few as one number (usually for insurance) or more than 200 numbers covering every play that could conceivably be varied by the count. Most systems include only a reasonable subset of the most important plays.

Multiple-Parameter Strategy

This is the use of count-based strategy by a player who is keeping two or more counts simultaneously. He must learn not only the value for each play but also what count or combination of counts to use in each case.

. Combinatorial Analysis

This is the ultimate level of playing accuracy with a randomly shuffled deck. For every decision, the best play for the exact subset of cards remaining is determined. Only computers are capable of playing with this level of expertise. In theory, a highly skilled human with a powerful multiple-parameter strategy can come close to this ideal.


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