online poker tells
20 November, 2019

Online poker tells

It is known that the body and the mind operate at a different frequency. Bluffs or tells are easier to spot on a traditional poker table. However a number of people try to hide tells by playing the game of poker online. These people are unaware of the fact that there are several ways to give away a bluff and that has nothing to do with having to see the person face to face.

A player is not entirely safe from keeping his tells in the unknown world of the internet. Online tells are difficult to spot, but they are present.

We have carefully figured out some of the most common online poker tells.

  • To begin with, if a player takes some time before calling a raise, he probably has a good hand and it wouldn’t be wise to go against them.
  • If you happen to notice a player who is consistently putting a raise before the flop, instead of giving up while challenging, does not have the best hand. Such a tilting player is the one who could be taken advantage of.
  • When there is a pair of flush or straight cards on the poker table and some player quickly places a call, it means that he is drawing closer to one of those hands.
  • If there is a player who thinks for a long time, he is probably figuring out his options since he doesn’t seem to have confidence over those cards. It could be a safe bet to assume that they are holding weak cards.
  • Anyone who is fast on the draw, after calling the flop, suggests that he has a great pair.

Tells are known to kill the poker game completely and hence it is important to control your own tells. On the other hand, they can be pretty advantageous if you can figure out the opponent tells. Players usually take a while before knowing that tells can be a powerful weapon against the players who guard their chips. This takes bluffing to another level completely.

It begins very simply; make some raises while holding the cards that have very fewer chances of winning. At the time of placing a raise on these weak cards, make sure you make some movements such as tapping the table with your hand or wiping your forehead. Ensure that the other players on the table are watching you. By the end of the hand, you will actually lose and the opponents would actually take all your money, but wasn’t that the whole point?

Once you have lost a few times on the table, the expert players would figure out the fake tells with your calls and raises. Hence they would conclude that you have lost every time you have given a bluff. So the next time, whenever you tap the table or wipe your head and call raises, they would follow as well.

Whenever you have a strong hand, make sure you perform your tell and have a worried look while calling a raise.

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