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11 November, 2019

5 Tips to Winning at Online Poker

Here are 5 tips to winning at online poker and reducing those pesky bad beats. I have logged many hours playing online poker and I found if I stick to my rules I will usually come out ahead. 1. Never put more money than you can afford into your poker account. Let's face it in these timesall of our disposable income is probably not what it used to be. So if your risking more than you can afford you shouldn't be gambling. Remember, poker for most of us starts out as a fun hobby that we play for low stakes with our families and in our buddies garages and basements and let me tell you its no fun when the rent is due and you can't pay it because you lost all your money playing online poker. The best thing to do is set a weekly limit and if you lose it all do not reload until it's in the budget again.

2.Remember online poker is much faster than regular poker. When we’re playing in our home game its very much a social atmosphere and we may only play 100 hands in the 3 or 4 hours once a week game. When you’re playing online you could easily see 75 to 100 hands in an hour, therefore, there are many more chances that you may catch a bad beat.

3. Never play those silly super low limit games. As a rule of thumb, I always try to stick to at least the $1/$2 tables and $10 tourneys. Once you go below that you are playing with a lot of inexperienced players who chase crazy cards and unfortunately suck out once in a while and usually it's at the expense of the player that flopped the “nuts” thus delivering more bad beats. F.Y.I. these players will never win in the long run and they usually don't last long but for everyone, you squash it seems like two more pop up. If you are playing with people who have more to lose they tend to be more controlled. If you are going to start out in the super low limit rooms always remember to play tight.

4. Play tight. You cannot play every single hand when playing online. You have to tighten up andtry to scope out those “loose” players. Its a fact that a tighter more disciplined player will win much more online than the reckless loosey-goosey. Just think as soon as you drop the “nuts” down on some maniac playing every hand he or she will eventually go “on tilt” and that when you can really cash in. The tighter you play the less bad beats you will encounter.

5. Never ever go “on tilt”. I know its easier said than done but once your “on tilt” you can kiss your money goodbye! We’ve all taken horrible bad beats and every once in a while you might get a few bad beats within a couple of hours when playing online because of the number of handsyou play. So if you feel yourself getting that urge to start chasing crazy hands and start making bad calls your best bet is to just stop playing for an hour or a day or even a week if that's what it's going to take to bring down your blood pressure and clear your head. When your ready to get back to your winning playing style is when you should start playing again.


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