winning bets in roulette
19 November, 2019

Winning bets in roulette

Before you proceed to the bets, it would be ideal to understand the roulette wheels. Roulette wheels are divided into 37 or 38 slots which are numbered. The European wheel contains the single zero and the American wheel contains the single as well as the double zero slots. As per the statistics, the American roulette offers a casino advantage of 5.6% whereas the European roulette offers a house advantage of 2.7%. Hence the chances of your success are greater with the European wheel.

The Good Bets

In order to win with roulette, you must know the best bets on the table. However, one of the best bets considered so far is to place an even-money bet and in such a case you would lose only half the wager if the white ball ends up on a zero or a double zero.

On the other hand, if you place the outside bets, the casino advantage decreases from being 5.6% to 2.6% and it is important to note that these advantages are only for the even-money bets. Such bets could take place from 1–18 and 19–36, the black/red bets as well as the even/odd bets. The best thing about these bets is that you can play these with a small bankroll.

Money management cannot change the casino advantage since roulette is purely a game of luck. It cannot even guarantee a win. There are several money management systems existing for roulette, however, none of them claims to give out a guaranteed win. Mathematical calculations often seem to fail when it comes to chance. The best way to succeed in a game of roulette is to place the bets that have the best odds of success.

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