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Ultimate Style Control Zephyr, the August 2010 Template Club release, features an impressive assortment of stylistic tools, ranging from its completely transparent base, to an extensive array of Color Chooser controls.

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Fusion with MegaMenu Fusion has been expanded with MegaMenu features, ranging from the ability to group Child items inline, to being able to load modules / positions within the dropdowns, as well as extensive custom width controls.

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72 Module Suffix Combos Module Variations form the core of the stylistic individualism of Zephyr, with 18 style based suffixes: 12 Box and 6 Title Styles. These suffixes can be compounded together to an impressive 72 possible combinations.

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Custom RokStories Styling The default layout of RokStories benefits from a new custom styling from the template, adding a vertical scrolling thumbnail list to the side of the main thumbnail image, providing a new possibility in displaying dynamic content.

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Smart / Ajax Loading Gantry offers a series of performance boosting features, 2 of these are Image Smart Loading: only loading images within the browser window; and Ajax Loading: view new articles via Ajax versus a full browser reload.

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iPhone Compatible Zephyr supports mobile viewing on the iPhone, offering an intuitive mobile browsing experience, complete with an interactive Fusion Menu and extensive configuration options within the Gantry Framework.

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Fusion with MegaMenu


Transparent Design Base


Advanced Color Chooser


72 Module Suffix Combos


68 Module Positions


Template RTL Support


Tableless Overrides


Google Web Fonts

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fusion with MegaMenu

In Zephyr, Fusion Menu has been extended with the following features:

  • Triple / Quad Column Mode
  • Child Items Menu Grouping
  • Column Width Control
  • Load Modules / Positions in Items

Ultimate Style Control

Transparency lays at the heart of the Zephyr template, with the entire theme being developed around it. Every structural image is transparent to allow background colors to bleed through seamlessly. Casinos are a stressbuster for many people. Switzerland has many gamblers who consider gambling as an inevitable part of their life. However, every gambler must ensure to choose safe casinos for gambling. Swiss gamblers may check the bestes online casino schweiz blog to learn more about the best casinos in the country.

In unison is the Color Chooser, providing extension controls, in a user friendly interface, over all style in the template, ranging from background, text or link colors to the overlay styles.

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Template/Gantry RTL Support

Zephyr has full RTL support, ranging from stylistic elements such as typography, to the Gantry Framework itself.

Preview RTL

72 Module Suffix Combos

Combine the 12 Box suffixes with the 6 Title suffixes to create a series of up to 72 different stylistic module variations.

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Contact Info

  • Zephyr Developers Inc.
  • 9090 Cascade Boulevard,
  • Miami, Florida, 23490, USA
  • Tel: (555) 555-55555

Demo Information

  • All sample content is for demo purposes only, intended to exemplify a live site. All images and materials are the copyright of their respective owners.
  • Additionally, this demo, in a modified form for distribution purposes, is available for download in the RocketLauncher format.

Popup Module

This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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