Android Software Providers

The android game is a mobile game that played on mobile. Android mobile games are usually downloaded from the play store. We provide a comprehensive suite in the development of mobile applications on the Android platform to our customers.
At Casino Poker Guru we are glad to offer a range of native mobile and Android game development company. Our game software for android are developed from the beginning and we acknowledge that full customization is the clue, not the special case.
If you are looking for an android game development company for developing the game, casino poker guru is one of the leading android software providers company where customize android games are available.
Casino poker guru provides all types of casino games. this is one market that offers plenty of scopes to grow and earn, There is a huge demand for android game, day by day the android game demand increases.

Advantage of Investing in Android Game Development:

  • Low investment
  • Faster returns
  • Greater revenue
  • Better brand recognition and promotion
  • Lower marketing cost

Casino Poker Guru is the biggest game development company when it comes to developing the android game, we offer customized 2d or 3d game that are very user-friendly with excellent user interface designs.visualization of graphics are amazing.
We have experienced team developers who are expert in developing android games. Our experts converting your ideas into 2d or 3d games using the latest technology. Quality and accuracy are two things that we provide when it comes to android game development.

Steps of Developing Android software are:-

Stage 1: Planning and Requirement Analysis:-First we gather requirement and specification that what type of game he wants to create, which is the target score and what kind of game and feature should include. Requirement analysis is the most important stage. This is used to plan the basic project approach and to conduct a product feasibility study in the economical, operational and technical areas.

Stage 2: After the requirement analysis the next step is to document the product requirements and get them approved from the customer or the market analysts.

Stage 3: After designing should be Started.

Stage 4: Development software

Stage 5: Testing the software

Stage 6: Deployment in the market and maintenance


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