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Casino Poker Guru is leading and award-winning Game development company that provides ludo game software. Our developers are expert in developing and designing the ludo software, we are the best of everything to develop both Android and iOS and windows Ludo software.
Our development focus is mainly on developing a user-friendly game interface. Ludo Game Software Development team is highly skilled and experienced and has years of rich experience in providing with the powerful feature and outstanding graphics, with superior functionality.
Ludo is a board game for two or more players but the last four players in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish. An ludo online game is in the shape of a cross; each arm divided into three adjacent columns of six squares and each player rolls the dice, the player who gets highest, begins the game, players alternate turns in a clockwise direction.

For our company ludo gaming is such a famous project where we put a lot of effort to make this game user-friendly.

Download ludo game software now from casino poker guru! Ludo game online is one of the most played games which is now available on smartphones because of the advance of the technology. One of the salient features of this game is that it can be played with computer intelligence.

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